A story made national headlines recently which, in my opinion, pretty much sums up where society is these days on the morality front. To summarise the story…

A couple were engaging in ‘flagrante delicto’ on a Friday night after a long day at the office.

Their location of choice for ‘getting to know each other better’ was said office.

The light switch was left in the ‘on’ position, and the curtains (if any) weren’t drawn – in hind sight probably not the wisest decision of the evening.

The man’s wife and children were at home (probably believing their dad was working late to put food on the table and reducing the mortgage).

The woman’s fiancé was not the man she was with.

A patron enjoying a drink in the pub across the street happened to look up at the office and soon every single person’s attention was no longer on their conversation, or their drink, or their sorrows…

The pub’s band even cut their set short because there was obviously better entertainment happening across the street and they couldn’t compete.

The patrons/voyeurs became very active uploading the couple’s shenanigans to the interwebs via smartphone.

Very soon millions of peeps that were not present in the pub that night became partakers of the illicit encounter in the privacy of the own homes.

Everyone had a laugh.

There was no harm done.

It was no big deal…

…except for the man and the woman who now face a lifetime of unrelenting humiliation.

…except for the man’s wife and children (and the woman’s fiancé) who now wear a part of the same humiliation.

…except for every single person who didn’t inform the couple ‘caught in the act’ that their unbridled unfaithfulness wasn’t going un-noticed or un-recorded for over an hour.

…except for the spouses and children of the patrons knowing that their spouse/parent enjoyed a live sex show, and thought it was no big deal.

…except for the spouses and children of every single person who viewed the images, or the video uploads, knowing that their spouse/parent enjoyed a sex show, and thought it was no big deal.

…except for a Nation who’s majority now thinks this entire scenario is no big deal.

…except for a society who’s default setting is now firmly set to the ‘morally bankrupt’ position.

From what I read, the man’s marriage is broken up. The woman’s fiancé is no longer her fiancé. Both of their careers have potentially ended, and their lives as they knew them will never be the same.

This happened over a month ago, and many of us have probably given it no thought in weeks. It has become an entry in people’s Youtube history (which has probably been deleted since).

The Bible talks of a time coming where evil is called good, and good is called evil. We are living in a time where unfaithfulness, voyeurism and sexual violence towards women (and men) is no longer called an evil deviant behavior, but a good healthy exploration of our sexual freedom.

And instead of looking out the window of a pub, giggling and uploading, we pay good money to watch 50 shades of normalised sexual abuse and call it a date night out.

No big deal?